Welcome to Psionic Soundworks!

Psionic specializes in the design and manufacture of alternative control interfaces for analog electronic music synthesizers and signal processors.

The Walking Stick

Psionic is the home of the Walking Stick ribbon controller.  The Walking Stick has evolved over several years of experience designing and building alternative controllers for electronic musicians.

This device incorporates a thin resistive element (resembling a ribbon) used to register linear motion across its surface and produce a variable DC control voltage (CV) output.  This output can be used to modulate pitch, timbre, amplitude, and other parameters available for control on analog electronic music synthesizers. 

What’s New – May 2010

The Walking Stick has seen three distinct product evolutions, and the most recent pressure-sensitive 500mm design has been offered since December 2008.  The virtue of this design lies in its elegant simplicity, competitive pricing, wide range of compatibility, its quality handmade hardwood encolsures, and a small footprint intended to facilitate placement atop most fixed-architecture synthesizers.

An evolution of this design (dubbed Walking Stick v4 for now) is currently in the prototyping stages.  The new controller will be slightly larger (but still based on a 500mm sensor), and it will incorporate a “true” controller interface, enabling full scaling and inversion of control voltages, track and hold, adjustable response of the pressure sensor, gate signalling, buffered outputs, and several other features that will be unique to this ribbon controller.  It borrows some technology from a dual-surface modular synth controller that I was prototyping earlier this year.  More info about that controller can be found here:  http://www.psionicsoundworks.com/index.php/next

I have only a small number of the current Walking Stick controllers remaining, and will ultimately shelf that design once the new unit is in production.  If you are seeking the lower price point and small/narrow footprint that the current controller design offers, please contact me for availability.  These final units will feature 500mm pressure sensitive ribbons, attenuators for both ribbon and pressure CV, and a switch to alter the response curve of the pressure sensor – from fast, gate-like response, to a slow/gradual controlled response.

Updates will be posted here concerning the new controller as it develops.

Thank you for your interest!