Discontinued Products

Psionic has discontinued the Walking Stick CV ribbon controller line as of May 2011 and will be pursuing other projects going forward.  This page is left online for reference only.  Any products presented here are no longer available.

The Walking Stick

500mm pressure-sensitive control voltage ribbon controller.   (Discontinued as of May 2011).

Psionic is the home of the Walking Stick pressure-sensitive control voltage (CV) ribbon controllers.  This device will register both the linear motion across its surface as well as the amount of pressure applied to the surface.  The maximum range of each of these parameters can be scaled using the built-in attenuators, and two independent DC control voltage outputs are produced.  These outputs can modulate pitch, timbre, amplitude, and other parameters available for control on analog electronic music synthesizers.  The pressure sensor’s CV controlling a filter or voltage-controlled amplifier can be used to “envelope” notes played on the ribbon, and it is even possible to span the ribbon and pressure CV outputs between equipment.

The ribbon controllers are housed in attractive hand-made hardwood enclosures with a walnut stain that matches many popular brands of synthesizer.  The ribbon has a fast and tactile response, and an extremely durable surface.

More detail and technical specifications can be found in the operation manual, available for download here.